Imprintor Pad Printing Professional Set

Imprintor Pad Printing Professional Set
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Everything Need to Get Started!
Start your own imprinting with the Professional Imprintor System, and you'll be able to control every phase of your imprinting process from creation of art work to producing finished pieces.

Your entire Imprintor System Set includes:
  • Durable 29-inch-high, cast aluminum Imprintor Press
  • High-quality silicone printing pad (P121 Rectangle Pad) already installed and ready to use
  • P120 Round Pad, P122 Loaf Pad
  • C201 Imprintor Plate Maker Set with ArtMaker Software (includes plate maker, software, 5 plates, film, developer, screen, wipes, gloves, tub)
  • Custom-made imprinting plate that is ready-to-use with your design
  • Coupon for one FREE Plate Making Service
  • Imprintor Color Ink Set (includes one-ounce bottles of red, blue, yellow, black, green, silver, white and gold multi-purpose ink, precision ink scale, mixing cups, stirrers, thinner, gloves, tape, cotton wipes)
  • 25 FREE H108 Pens
  • F108 Product Holder
  • Lifetime Warranty
Additional Imprintor product holders are sold individually.