Penprintor Pad Printing System

Penprintor Pad Printing System
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The Penprintor Pad Printing System lets you print names, logos and designs on pens and pencils. Print for business, fundraising, schools, churches, family and friends!

Don't miss your chance to profit from a multi-billion dollar industry!

  • Professional quality imprints in minutes.
  • Print for everyone you know.
  • Popular selection of pens and pencils.
  • Fast and easy - we set it up, you print and collect your cash!

  • Everything you need to get started!

    • Sell for profit
    • Promote your business or cause
    • Use for fundraising
    • Create giveaways for special events or tradeshows
    • Make custom-imprinted gifts

    The Essentials

    Your Penprintor Pad Printing System comes set up with the essentials for a successful start in custom imprinting, including a supply of 25 pens ready for imprinting with the name, logo or design of your choice.

    • Durable 29-inch-high, cast aluminum Penprintor Press
    • Black Ink
    • High-quality silicone printing pad already installed and ready to use
    • Ink-cleaning solution, thinner, cotton wipes and gloves for easy clean-up
    • Universal Pen Product Holder
    • 25 FREE pens
    • Custom-made imprinting plate that is ready-to-use with your design
    • Coupon for one FREE Plate Making Service
    • Lifetime warranty