New Plate-Making Technique

Just follow these easy steps to help ease your plate-making process:
  • Once scanning in your image is complete, use your software program (such as Paint, Corel, Photoshop, ect.) to mirror your image (reverse/flip your image). For example in the program Paint, go to the toolbar and click on image. Click flip/rotate. Select flip horizontal and click ok.
  • Import your mirrored/reversed image into the Artmaker Software template program.
  • The image will still be reversed! Once you have the image centered in the template, print the template on the textured side of the inkjet acetate. (For laser acetate, print on either side.)
  • When lining up the image acetate to the plate, match the cross marks on the acetate to the holes on the plate with the image readable. Make sure you can read the image from left to right! This puts the inked part of the acetate closest to the plate.
  • Complete the burning process as you normally would.
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