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Business System - Facebook Sale!
Business System - Facebook Sale!
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The ideal solution for people seeking an efficient, cost-effective, user-friendly pad printing package - and more robust to meet your business needs. Designed with you in mind, this system provides the added bonus of popular products, holders, and additional supplies.

The Imprintor Business System Includes:
  • Imprintor Pad Printer
  • Imprintor Plate Maker Set with ArtMaker Software and 5 plates
  • Imprintor Color Ink Set
  • Two Additional Printing Pads
  • 20 Additional Plates (25 total)
  • Specialty Ink Pack
  • D201 4 oz. Developer
  • K150 1 oz. Thinner
  • Additional K400 Ink Cup (2 total)
  • Additional supplies
  • F107 Pencil Holder plus 25 Pencils
  • F129 Napkin Holder plus 25 Napkins
  • F144 Arctic Pen Holder plus 25 Pens
  • F101 Mug Holder
  • F104 Golf Ball Holder
  • Lifetime Warranty

  • * Cannot be combined with any other offers