Imprintor Pad Printing Business System

Imprintor Pad Printing Business System
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You save $484.00 when you buy the Business System.
Items purchased separately amount to $2779.00.

This is the ideal solution if you are seeking an efficient, cost-effective, user-friendly package that's more robust to meet your business's needs. This system includes bonus supplies of popular products, holder and more.

Your Business Imprintor System Set includes:
  • Durable 29-inch-high, cast aluminum Imprintor Press
  • Imprintor Plate Maker Set with ArtMaker Software and 5 plates
  • Imprintor Color Ink Set (includes one-ounce bottles of red, blue, yellow, black, green, silver, white and gold multi-purpose ink, precision ink scale, mixing cups, stirrers, thinner, gloves, tape, cotton wipes)
  • Two Additional Printing Pads
  • 20 Additional Plates (25 total)
  • K220 Specialty Ink Pack (includes one-ounce bottles of black, red, blue, white, gold and silver specialty ink, one ounce of specialty (GL) thinner, 15 grams of specialty (GL) hardener
  • D201 4oz Developer
  • K150 1oz. Thinner
  • Additional K400 Ink Cup (2 total)
  • Additional Supplies
  • F107 Pencil Holder plus 25 Pencils
  • F129 Napkin Holder plus 25 Napkins
  • F144 Arctic Pen Holder plus 25 Pens
  • F101 Mug Holder
  • F104 Golf Ball Holder
  • Lifetime Warranty

A total savings of $484.00!

Additional Imprintor product holders are sold individually.