ArtMaker Download Page

Installation Instructions for Imprintor v1.5

    Step 1 (Un-install current version of Imprintor ArtMaker):
  • Open Control Panel from Start Menu
  • Click on "Add or Remove Programs"
  • Single Click on "Imprintor ArkMaker" and while highlighted, select "Change/Remove"
  • Follow the Un-install directions. Upon receiving confirmations inquiring whether to remove all installed components, select "Remove ALL Components" or equivalent to signify the removal of all files related to Imprintor ArtMaker.

    Step 2 (Install Imprintor v1.5 from website)
  • Download the self extracting zip executable file, Imprintor-v1-5.exe, from the website to your computer's hard-drive. You will need to download the Imprintor program to a folder/directory on your website that does not previously contain a file called setup.exe. This may cause a conflict as the Imprintor installation procedure calls an internal setup.exe file. To avoid running into any conflicts, it is recommended you download this program to a new folder. To easily create a new folder you may right click anywhere on your Desktop and select New > Folder.
  • Double click on the file you just saved.
  • The new installation procedure will launch. Follow setup instructions.
  • The installation will first unzip the program. Then, it should automatically start the installation of the ArtMaker program. If the ArtMaker program does not automatically install, double click on the file titled Imprintor_v1.5.exe. Follow setup instructions.

Download Imprintor Artmaker Software version 1.5 (3.98 MB)